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This study investigates the internal and external environmental factors that affect destination marketing in Macedonia and Albania and the use of the destination marketing concept by tourism companies in Macedonia and Albania. Furthermore, special emphasis is placed on investigating and identifying the existing relationship between the internal and external factors in destination marketing by pinpointing the factors being used by tourism companies and those factors that contribute to the attraction of tourists to Macedonia and Albania. The empirical research to support the study uses survey methods to develop and test the critical factors of a destination marketing success model that can be used to market and promote Macedonia and Albania, regionally and globally, as a preferred tourism destination area. We are guided by a deductive method regarding the groups of tourist destination attitudes and practices of marketing with consistency of questionnaire responses in comparison with available literature on the subject. The results were quantitatively analysed by using SPSS. This study contributes to the field of tourism through testing a destination marketing success model that can be applied to global destinations. This paper is designed to address the marketing of the tourist destination in an endeavour to suggest a marketing framework and to formulate appropriate tourism marketing strategies for Macedonia and Albania.

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Marketing of a destination. Critical factors of a destination marketing success from of Stakeholders‘ and customer‘ perspective. The case of Macedonia and Albania

Prishtina, Kosovo