At UBT we are known for high-quality internationally recognized research in a wide range of subjects, for our combination of pure, practice-led and applied approaches, and for using our knowledge for the betterment of society.

The key research areas for the program are:

  • Textiles and fashion design research
  • Computer graphics and communications design
  • Industrial product design and interior design.


Works from 2022

StoryLab: A Case Study of Nonformal Learning Models for Interdisciplinarity and Multidisciplinarity with Focus on Arts, Design, Technology, and Creative Writing, Artrit Bytyçi

The Effects of Interior Design on the Microeconomics: From the Perspective of Clients, Ylber Limani and Anisa Mekuli

Effects of Interior Design on User Emotions: An Exploratory Research, Ylber Limani and Adea Tuzi

Inspiring Civic Action Through Utilization of Green Public Spaces: OnTop Gallery, A Case Study, Fatmir Mustafa and Artrit Bytyçi

Promoting Monuments of Prizren Throught Technology, Sebil Spat and Sinem Dana

Works from 2021

Sprovat dhe perspektiva e profesionit të dizajnit në Kosovë, Egzon Bajraktari, Ajhan Bajmaku, and Aferdita Statovci

Choice Architecture: Using “Nudge Theory” to Increase Productivity and Decrease Procrastination in Arts and Design Students, A Case Study, Artrit Bytyçi

The Impact of Product Design on Circular Economy, Ylber Limani and Lauresa Limani

Preserving Green Public Spaces Through Artistic Action: OnTop Residency, A Case Study, Fatmir Mustafa and Artrit Bytyçi

The Evulation of Home from the Beginning of the Pamdemics, Sebil Spat

Works from 2020

The possibility of 21st century art and design currents using artificial intelligence technology, Drenusha Kryeziu

Design education: challenges and opportunities resulting from technological developments, Ylber Limani

Re-Discovering Home in a time of Pandemic, Sebil Spat

Works from 2019

Eisenstein's Piranesi, Ajhan Bajmaku and Tefik Rada

Storytelling in Design, Artrit Bytyçi

Works from 2018

Mass Produced Artworks: The Concept, History, and Teaching the Making of Artist Books, Sezgin Boynik and Artrit Bytyçi

Presentation of Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study on the Emigration of Visual Artists from Kosovo, Artrit Bytyci and Drenusha Kryeziu

Age of Innocence, Gazmend Eupi

OCTO-Creating a new hybrid musical instrument, housing micro-intervalic and spatializing properties, Liburn Jupolii and Ari Lehtela

Soft Haptics, Cennet Lika

Sustainable sculpture, Bekim Retkoceri

Symbiotic Interactions between Technology and an Interior Design, Sebil Spat

Sustainable fashion, Aferdita Statovci