Date of Award

Winter 12-2011

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Architecture (MArch)


Architecture and Spatial Planning

First Advisor

Binak Beqaj




“It's a simple approach. Sustainable architecture looks to the future by looking at the past.”

Stephen Gist

The research topic came up during the master studies on sustainable design courses which influenced the reflection on present thermal situation of buildings in Kosova and personal interest on how to contribute to its improvement with the new knowledge pursued.

This research focuses on sustainable renovation possibility in Kosova, illustrated by a case-study, more precisely an existing kindergarten building in Prishtina. The majority of these kinds of building were constructed about 30 years ago and apart from the ageing of the façade, roof and windows, the building standards and material quality regarding energy saving at that time were significantly lower compared to the one today.

Analysis done to inspect the existing situation is multi-disciplinary. Simulation software used to generate data for U value[1]s and energy demand is Ecodesigner, a Graphisoft ArchiCAD add-on.

This research aims to inform the local institutions for the possibilities on reducing energy consumption and increasing energy independence, to promote a healthy educating environment, to serve as tool for teaching about renewable energy and green construction, and finally to function as a pilot kindergarten, a replicable model for future sustainably renovated kindergartens. The results emphasize the big decrease of energy demand along with the increase of the thermal comfort and subsequently CO2 emission decrease.

With this it is intended to raise awareness for ecological/economical concerns of existing buildings and contribute that this kind of renovation becomes enforced by law for all old public institutions.



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