Date of Award

Winter 2-2010

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Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Architecture and Spatial Planning

First Advisor

Thomas Hrabal




The structure of the city should be the central compact development with greater direction towards the southeast and southwest. In this I’m led urban development schemes should offer compact structure. Should provide a boulevard which will be associated with radical roads some of which exist which will be fundamental element of structure that must be rings associated with creating, new urban space which will be planned around the high buildings with parking space to open. Areas of residence or a modern metropolis Pristine must have a different territorial walk according to natural conditions and existing conditions. This should corresponding territorial walk and be in harmony with the growth and density, which must be supplied with accompanying infrastructure for a modern and functional development. This increase must correspond with urban culture that must be manifested and fed to an architecture and urban millennium third. Depend of urban and architectural culture which will be manifested in expansion of the city will win a city that will be functional where housing will be developed in addition to activities necessary for all residents who will settle in at part of the city. For overcrowded areas and built without construction permits concept and which are cancerous areas of the city need a radical approach in the selection and incorporation of their infrastructure, access to water supply, electricity and sewerage, which represents a potential risk or better say a over laden of this network which urgently need to work to expand or increase the capacity of this network. This network is not able to afford this dynamic construction in Pristine. Today, skyscrapers are an increasingly common sight where land is expensive, as in the centers of big cities, because they provide such a high ratio of rentable floor space per unit area of land. But they are built not just for economy of space. Like temples and palaces of the past, skyscrapers are considered symbols of a city's economic power. Not only do they define the skyline, they help to define the city's identity.



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Architecture Commons