Date of Award

Winter 12-2009

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Master of Architecture (MArch)


Architecture and Spatial Planning

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Ernst Heiduk




The consumption of fosile energy and specially the need of the electrical energy are increasing rapidly, which is also followed by many major problems. This is becoming a serious global problem.

This is one of main reasons that the European Union is working and making new regulations about the energy production and specially its consumption. These new regulations also include the regulations about the energy efficient buildings.

The “PassivHaus-Standard” is a building standard that fulfills the conditions that the European Parliament set for the energy efficiency for the next years. In the year 2015 this will be the Quality-Standard for new buildings in all countries of the European Union.

The energy production and consumption is one of the major problems in Kosova, too. The problem with the consumption of the energy is that there are much energy loses as a result of bad building insulation and low quality materials.

We have to make steps towards improvement of the building quality. Implementation of this standard would decrease the energy consumption for the future. One of the main steps that we have to make in this direction is to start the implementation of the “PassivHaus Standard” and the PHPP, in Kosova.

The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) is the most important tool for the calculation of buildings in this quality standard.

One big barrier to this standard in Kosova is the PHPP use because it is available only in some European languages, but not in Albanian language.

Because of that I developed an Albanian version of this software tool and hand it over to the owner of the rights, the German “Passivhaus-Institut”, thus a legal use and large spreading in Albania and Kosova will start.



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