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Summer 7-2010

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Bachelor Degree


Computer Science

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Werner Retschitzeger




It's probably fair to say that most business-oriented computer applications work with data in one form or another. This data often is stored in one or more databases. Visual Basic can create powerful data management programs with a little planning and effort. The most fundamental part of that planning is in how the data is structured. A poorly designed database can doom even the most well-intentioned program from the start. On the other hand, a well-designed database can make a programmer's life much easier. Creating an organized data structure requires you to learn about two separate tasks. First, you must learn about how to design a database. In the design, you decide what data goes in the database and how it will be organized. Second, you must learn how to translate the design into the actual database. [1] What we will see in the next chapters is the development of a visual basic database application named Electronic Library which has to do with managing libraries. It is a database application which provides many necessary functions and a GUI (graphical user interface) for enabling users to communicate with an Ms Access database. Electronic Library is a database application made in Visual Basic (ver.6) programming language. The database for the application was made in Microsoft Access 2007. In the application you can view clients registered, books, publishers, transactions, manage users and some other forms that enable better management of the database. In order to use the application you have to register and then login with your account and view different forms depending on your account privileges.