Date of Award

Fall 9-2010

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Computer Science

First Advisor

Werner Retschitzegger




Starting building an application is not that easy at all, especially when people are not experienced enough with the tools needed to cook it. This thesis contains a brief introduction to an PHP & MySQL application. Just as said some lines before, when you get into a thing that you might not be familiar with, difficulties appear, at this time patience and dedication come in to play realizing and making it become true. PHP and MySQL offer a great opportunity building dynamic web sites and application. It is not PHP that makes a web site or an application to become dynamic, it is the MySQL database that contributed for the Simple Project Management to be dynamic. Nevertheless, PHP and MySQL know very well how to communicate with each other, in order things to go the right direction. Next chapters of this thesis try to explain how a Structured Query Language (SQL) database looks like, when it communicates with an Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the data to managed. The application is called ‘Simple Project Management’, which intention is to help companies manage customers, in an easier way. It integrates some functional features for handling information about customers and projects in general. Adobe Dreamweaver software was used to write the whole code of the Simple Project Management Application. I have been also using the ‘phpMyAdmin’ open source software, which is written in PHP, and helped me administering the MySQL database during the development of this application. The application can be used by those who have permission. Permission requires a valid username and a password corresponding to the username, and all that information should match in the database in order to proceed forward to the application.