Date of Award

Winter 1-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Architecture and Spatial Planning

First Advisor

Kujtim Elezi




This research aims to define the importance of the Modernism Period in Prishtina, from the very beginning until the present day. Its main focus is the presentation of the architectural values of this era, and also the social impact it had in our nation especially after the Second World War The events and buildings that are presented in this research are sorted chronologically in order to understand better the genesis of Modernism in Prishtina and the socio-economic factors that impacted this topic. The events date from 1947 when the destruction of the historical layers of the city began to happen or so called De-Ottomanization; than continues with designing of the first modern buildings and urban plans that date from the late ‘50s; the Golden Period of Modernism in the late ‘70s, and last but not least the metamorphosis that occurred to them after the war between Kosovo and Serbia in 1999. In this paper the buildings are represented with the original drawings, old and new pictures to point the changes, and also textual description.



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Architecture Commons