Date of Award

Winter 2-2009

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Management (MM)


Management, Business and Economics

First Advisor

Peter Kopacek




Now days there are a lot of books, journals, international conferences in regards of Strategic Planning that shows to be a very interesting subject to be discussed and focused our studies in this field.

Kosovo, a part that is a newborn country, as well was release from a communist way of organising economy therefore I thing that we do not have that much experience in strategic management of Small and Medium Size (SME) companies, and my study is focused on strategic management of SME construction Companies in Kosovo as a contemporary need of development in construction field.

The SME have a big role in Kosovo economy because they present more than 90 % of enterprises operation in Kosovo and therefore those companies deserve more focus of Government, professionals and individuals.

Considering all above mentioned facts I decided to give a significant contribute for SME by analysing their strategic management, identifying their strategic management problems and providing a solution that will help SME construction companies to look, perform and think more professional and fulfil modern development requirements.

As Strategy of companies has a direct impact of internal company development and external business environment that is exposed to a permanent changes and this leads to a need for a systematic study of this issue to be able to follow contemporary developments in science and technology.



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Business Commons