Date of Award

Fall 11-2010

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Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Management, Business and Economics

First Advisor

Uragan Alija




The aim of this study was to find out what impact has a company’s staff/employees in the customers’ level of overall satisfaction towards the company. Another purpose was to see how employees interrelate with customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The method applied in this thesis was a questionnaire containing 25 questions. All the questions were formulated to examine directly how these respondents feel regarding employees who out to be a company’s most valuable asset. The results indicated that all these respondents valued mostly the employees in a company, and that employees would in most of the cases determine their purchase decisions and loyalty towards that company, and unfortunately they are not at all satisfied with the quality of customer service and the importance the companies here in Kosovo give to their customers. The principal conclusion was that customers value tremendously the relationship with employees, their interpersonal skills, and their knowledge about the product or service. For the customer the main importance is the employees’ behavior in matter of courtesy, understanding, willingness to help, and to be in complete service for them. Customers see mainly the employee with whom they have direct contact and who is a representative assigned by the company, since he is authorized to have this responsibility, in the eyes of the customer that employee is the company itself. This research came to valuable conclusions where the impact of a company’s staff in the customers’ overall level of satisfaction towards a company is considerably high. This can be of big help for many companies who are mainly interested in their customers’ satisfaction and its improvement.



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