Date of Award

Winter 12-2009

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Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Management, Business and Economics

First Advisor

Edmond Hajrizi




After 10 years since the war ended, Kosovo is still in the beginning of its development, but is continues to be achieved in the area of financial and banking sector. At the end of the conflict, Kosovo’s financial system was in chaos and also financial intermediation in Kosovo was nonexistent and virtually all transactions were settled in cash. Although this is still largely the case, banking activity started in earnest in late 2001 and was spurred by the replacement of the deutsche mark by Euros in 2002.

As an emerging market, Kosovo does hold a number of advantages. Kosovo’s greatest asset is probably its enterprising and self-reliant population. Its energy and creativity can be used to build a new and prosperous economy.

After deciding the topic, the methodology used for this objective, also was decided.

This methodology includes the source of information research methods and also gathering analyzing and comparing information were selected.

This thesis presents the strategies and the tools that financial and banking sector has used in order to market their products, and their opinions on the marketing as a business tool. The results are being presented due to the interviews that I conduct with the fıst and most succsessful bank in Kosovo (Procredit Bank). The focus is made on how to improve the current situation in marketing of banking sector.



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