Date of Award

Fall 9-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Mechatronics, System Engineering and Robotics

First Advisor

Bertan Karahoda




Image classification application has recently been covering a high number of research fields. In the other hand as the performance of the mobile devices is being updated day by day, the implementation of image recognition algorithms in them, is not only being trendy but very helpful in everyday tasks. With the automatic monument recognition, visiting a city is easy and fun. This application recognizes the captured monument, gives useful information and describes that particular landmark. In this thesis there are used four historical monuments of the city of Prizren, Kosovo. The images where taken specially for the research from the different angles of the city and the dataset for the training and testing process has been created. Although these monuments differ from one another in the archaeological structure, the classification process is not an easy approach. Here will be presented an approach for the recognition of these particular monuments by using computer vision and machine learning methods on images. The image processing classification techniques and algorithms used in the literatures not only for the landmark recognition but overall the methods, will be described.



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Engineering Commons