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Urban planning in Albania, has been promoted in various forms of organization. Ultimately Territorial Planning Law represents another form of policies on the territory that is closely linked to the decentralization of control of the territory.

Up to now, four developments has been particularly important:

  • European approach, which gave an increase in economic and social cohesion policy;
  • Decentralization in the early 2000s, which has made local governments full participants in the process of territorial planning;
  • The emergence of the notion of sustainable development;
  • Initiation of international economic relations after the nineties.
Territorial planning policy for sustainable development requires meeting the challenges posed by changing economic, social and cultural development, to achieve a balance of population, industry, culture, etc., between the provinces of the country, such as:
a) define the principles and directions for a balanced and sustainable development of territory with European standards;
b) the establishment of the territorial conditions for regional development;
c) the direction of the establishment and development of national public infrastructure;
d) creation of conditions for the preservation of ecosystems, biodiversity, natural resources on and under the earth and the natural and cultural wealth, balancing the effects of housing systems and economic activities and the protection of green spaces development of other areas of cultivable; etc. The objectives of these policies are: Convergence; Regional Competitiveness and Employment; European territorial cooperation and contractual approach as an effective means of implementation of projects that include various levels of government, "an area, a strategy, a contract". They will focus on priorities: local competition and attractiveness; environmental dimension of sustainable development; social and territorial cohesion; sustainable development.



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