Environment, renewable energy, solar panel


In the present study is analyzing the case of the application of solar energy with vacuum tube collectors for heating water for sanitary needs in hotels of Durres areas. In recent years there has been a special interest by the leading authorities to the EU countries and the U.S., for the use of renewable energies in general and solar energy in particular. This is mainly related with the reduction of environmental pollution from gas CO2, which directly influences the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Unlike other forms of renewable energy, like wind turbines, photovoltaic panels and biomass usages, the use of solar panels for hot water, constitutes a reliable source in Albania. In the study were analyzed the types of solar panels used in our country and the world. Collector with vacuum tubes is selected for heating water, which constitute a new technology with an efficiency 40% higher than other types.

For this case study were obtained tourism hotels in the coastal area of Durrës with a high level of solar intensity, which are calculated the cost for water heating with electric boiler (traditional method) and with solar panels. Results show a significant reduction of annual expenses up 3 times, compared with the use of electricity. While with interest it is the reduction of the amount of gas CO2, to achieve reduction of environmental pollution, and the reduction of global warming in general.



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