Kinematics, dynamics, robot, propulsion


Dynamical Modeling of robots is commonly first important step of Modeling, Analysis and Control of robotic systems. This paper is focused on using Denavit-Hartenberg (DH) convention for kinematics and Newton- Euler Formulations for dynamic modeling of 3 DoF - Degree of Freedom of 3D robot. The process of deriving of dynamical model is done using Software Maple. Simulations are done using Matlab/Simulink for analysis of propulsion effect under Earth gravity when First Link rotates with 1000 rpm, second Link can move free in vertical direction and Third Link can rotates free around their rotations axle. Simulations results shows very good propulsion of proposed 3 DoF robot. Results are verified-compared with constructed model of 3 DoF robot using Working Model 3D Software.



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