Learning; Blended Learning; Modelling and Simulation; Virtual Laboratory


The Mathematics Modelling and Tools (MMT) e-learning system is a platform used for supporting lectures and tutoring at the Vienna University and Technology. Additionally to traditional e-learning properties like up- and download of lecture notes, videos and slides the MMT system provides the surface for a virtual modelling and simulation laboratory. Very powerful calculation software like MATLAB, Java or Octave, running in behind, allows experimenting with targeted modelling and simulation examples prepared and developed by experts. These are first of all used to support the presentation directly at the lecture and can afterwards be accessed by students given a password at home. As especially MATLAB also allows development of suitable examples dealing with mathematics, so far about ten percent of all examples treat this specific topic and are used in math lectures. It showed that especially the live experience fiddling on pre-implemented examples poses a big improvement for lectures.



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