Parallel computing, distributed computing, java, ITU-PRP


ITU-PRP provides a Parallel Programming Framework for Java Developers on which they can adapt their sequential application code to operate on a distributed multi-host parallel environment. Developers would implement parallel models, such as Loop Parallelism, Divide and Conquer, Master-Slave and Fork-Join by the help of an API Library provided under framework. Produced parallel applications would be submitted to a middleware called Parallel Running Platform (PRP), on which parallel resources for parallel processing are being organized and performed. The middleware creates Task Plans (TP) according to application’s parallel model, assigns best available resource Hosts, in order to perform fast parallel processing. Task Plans will be created dynamically in real time according to resources actual utilization status or availability, instead of predefined/preconfigured task plans. ITU-PRP achieves better efficiency on parallel processing over big data sets and distributes divided base data to multiple hosts to be operated by Coarse-Grained parallelism. According to this model distributed parallel tasks would operate independently with minimal interaction until processing ends.



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