online assistant, optimek, optimization, communication


The paper describes the concept of a Multimodular Multydisciplinary platform, contacting through unified templates in a Portal with knowledge, with Useful INTERNET resources, in order to provide advanced research and education. Usually the online resources available are mainly in the area of e- and distance education, but still an understanding is missing for the scale and the use of studying and the systematization of the online resource. The new concept has an accent of the useful INTERNET resource and the development of a System of nets to it, in the aim of solving tasks and generating new knowledge in the area of communications. It will help advanced and accelerated scientific research. The concept implements three actual trends in scientific research in communications: system approach, optimal use of INTERNET resources and INTERNET exposition, and common scientific research in technologies and management. OPTIMEK is constructed from Modules, which organize Local resources and a Portal with knowledge with Online assistants for technologies and management in communications. Each Module in OPTIMEK includes Local resource and Online assistant. The Local resources in the module consist in a local configuration of hardware equipment and software tools. The Online assistant of the Module consists in, online downloadable tools or calculators and a System of nets. Examples are given for interaction between 2 of the Modules in OPTIMEK for specific problems solving – Module for Computer-aided design in communications and Module for Optimization tasks in communications.



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