customer service quality, customer satisfaction, queuing


The worldwide mobile phone market recently is enormously growing associated with a strong demand for smart phones across the entire globe. International Data Corporation (a premier global provider of market intelligence data) argues that the overall mobile phone market is growing faster than previously forecasts, with over than 1.8 billion mobile phones during 2014, and expects to sell over 2.3 billion mobile phones in 2017, in a single year. The world trend in customers’ demand has caused a strong competition among mobile phone companies. Given that the customer satisfaction is a fundamental marketing tool, and companies have gained better understanding of the importance of retaining the current customers through marketing efforts. This paper examines the mobile phone industry in Macedonia, with a special focus on customer’s queuing and services. All four mobile phone companies operating in Macedonia including T-Mobile, One, VIP and Albaphone are examined from the perspective of their customers. A questionnaire with 270 subscribers of mobile operators in Macedonia was employed identifying thus the main issues tackling the customer satisfaction through service provision including queuing. This paper concludes that customers are very much price oriented, but they do appreciate particularly the clear mobile signal. Queuing impacts directly the overall service quality, and majority of respondents are worrying when a large number of customers are waiting in lines and these lines are inappropriately managed by the mobile operators. Hence, a fair customer handling and service in queuing, is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction and loyalty.



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