pentagram, cryptosystem, encryption, decryption, music note, congruence


Along with theoretical review of partituras and encryption systems, we have tried to conduct encryption of sheets by encoding all of its elements such as: encoding musical notes, encoding values of notes and intermissions, encoding accords, encoding tonalities and encoding rhythm whereby the original musical piece is transformed into an irregular and meaningless sheet. Information technology today has allowed for easier copying of authorial pieces; therefore, it is necessary to know encryption which allows protection of pieces from any misuse. Cryptology including knowledge of congruence deals with resolution of these insecurities. The significance of this paper lies in intertwining knowledge from music, math and computer sciences thus rendering our paper into an inter-disciplinary paper and we believe this will increase curiosity and the interest as well. In order to make our work more concrete, we have included encoding and decoding of a well-known melody from Shkodra“A’SAMAN TRËNDAFILI ÇELËS”, whereby as encryption key we used a two-tact fragment from the song “O VENDI IM”.



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