Media, effect, Television, politicization, programming content


The effect of the media over the society is the object of the studies of the social science of communication since its founding up to today. A lot of scientific theories explore, argues and explain the connections and the effect of the media over the public. The purpose of this paper is to evident and argument the effect that the media, especially the TV programming has on the politicization of the Kosovar society, which is manifested in a large number of conversations that have to do with politics. In order to argument the direct link between the content of the TV programming (as a media) and political conversations among citizens, this writing will present the results of measuring the contents of the four biggest TV stations in Kosovo: RTK, KTV, RTV 21 and Klan Kosova. What was measured is the amount of programs that have political content within a week at the time when the viewing is at its peak, or in what is known as prime time, from 17 00 to 24 00 h. It also involves an opinion poll of the public which was asked about the influence of the content of TV programs on their daily conversations. The results of programming contents prove a very high percentage of political programs on these four TV stations (RTK 1, KTV, RTV 21 and Klan Kosova), whereas the results of the public polling prove the direct influence of the contents of this programs on the daily conversations.



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