artisanry, tourist, sales channel, Region of Shkodra


Culture is one of the greatest assets of a country, and it has the potential to become a source of income, if it is managed effectively. The handcrafts of the Albanian artisanry are a part of our culture, but still far from having an effective role in the development of tourism. Associating artisanry with tourism is of great interest for the present, as well as the future of the Region of Shkodra, and studies to this end are important. The objective of this paper is to study the effect of the growth of tourism in the increase of sale of handcrafts. First of all, the paper intends to ascertain whether the tourism peak season brings also higher sales of handcrafts; second, whether the craftsmen recognize the tourist-customer; third, whether the craftsmen try to adjust their handcrafts to the tourist-customer requirements; fourth, what do the tourists think of such handcraft; and fifth, to ascertain the sales channel of the handcrafts in order to have a clear picture of what it takes for the artisanry products to move for the craftsmen to the customers and to identify unexploited potentials that would strengthen this industry. This research is based on secondary data sourced from the official sites of government and non-government organizations, and on primary data sourced through semi-structured interviews with artisanry experts, as well as on two surveys: one conducted with the craftsmen and the other one conducted with tourists. The results presented in this paper would help to recognize and understand the present situation of the artisanry in the Region of Shkodra, as well as serve as basis for some recommendations to further vitalize and develop this industry.



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