Smart City, Smart Region, Urban and Regional Development, Railway Infrastructure


The future Smart City Ebreichsdorf (SMCE) is a fast growing municipality in the area of the metropolitan region of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. The expansion to a double track railroad of the „Pottendorfer Linie“and the thereby even better connexion to Ebreichsdorf will strengthen this growing process even more. A new train station is built, located on a greenfield site, between the city districts Ebreichsdorf and Unterwaltersdorf. The existing railway track is going to be abandoned. In spatial planning approaches, it’s goal leading to locate future growth in the area of the new train station. Action options, how such an innovative growth process around the railway station could be formed, are absent up to now. The state Lower Austria and the city Ebreichsdorf are aware of this problem. So the idea of planning and implementing a „Smart City“ or a „Smart Urban Region“ at this certain area has moved in focus of considerations. An urban transformation towards a future smart city is necessary. The Smart City concept gets more and more important in the course of urban and regional development. Thereby, new technologies are used to create a sustainable environment and economy in order to ensure the quality of life for the further generations. The participation and awareness of the citizens are of fundamental importance. With a focus on Ebreichsdorf this paper demonstrates how such an impulse can be used for a smart urban and regional development. First results of the ongoing project show, that it is advantageous to involve citizens and main stakeholders as well as all political parties in an early stage. This increases the acceptance and facilitates the further process. Furthermore, the complexity of Smart City is best handled by a team of researchers from various disciplines. In the course of a scenario workshop, it became clear that all different disciplines have different accesses to the same topic. Through this a stimulating discussion and exchange of experiences has been started.



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