Industry 40, Smart Enterprises – Factory, Digitalization, Kosovo Industry


In this paper the concept of Maturity Level of Kosovo Industry will be presented according to the Industry 4.0. Digitalization of factory has impact the entire business environment and lead to Smart Enterprises. To create a model of Smart Factory, first we have analyzed the existing situation of Kosovo Manufacturing Industry with regard to revolution of Industry. In this paper we will describe the results of a recent research at the Kosovo manufacturing companies and are included metalworking and furniture industry, where is developed a Maturity Level for Kosovo Industry. To describe the Maturity Level of Kosovo Industry we have delivered questionnaire and have been done interviews with CEOs (Chief Executive Officer). The average score of Industrial Maturity Level for Kosovo Industry is 2.14 which represent 2nd Industrial Revolution, but some of enterprises belong to 3rd Industrial Revolution. Also, the main barriers of this low level of Maturity Level of Kosovo Industry are highlights based on questionnaire and interviews with CEOs, such as: lack of training programs, language barriers, high cost of purchasing/maintenance of technology, unskilled workers, and est.



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