Waste PET aggregate, residual compressive strength, elevated temperature, recycling


In this study, the effect of waste PET as lightweight aggregate (WPLA) replacement with conventional aggregate on the some physical and mechanical properties and residual compressive strength of concrete was investigated. For this purpose, five different mixtures were prepared (the reference mixture and four WPLA mixtures including 30%, 40%, 50% and 60% waste PET aggregate by volume). The fresh and dry unit weights, compressive strengths, flexural-tensile strengths, water absorption and porosity ratios of the mixtures were measured. In addition the specimens exposed to elevated temperatures at 150, 300 and 450 °C and the residual compressive strengths were measured. Test results indicated that the unit weight, compressive strength and flexural-tensile strength of the specimens decreased as the amount of WPLA increased in concrete. After exposing to elevated temperature, WPLA mixtures retained their structural integrity and compressive strengths at 150 °C and 300 °C. However there was a significant decrease in the residual compressive strength values of WPLA mixtures at 450 °C.



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