Roller compacted concrete, calcite, optimum water content of concrete, modified proctor test


In this study the effect of fine material amount on the optimum water content of roller compacted concrete (RCC) was investigated. The fine aggregate was replaced with calcite which maximum particle size was 63 μ, in amount of 0%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 10% and 14% by weight of total aggregate. Six different mixtures were prepared in the study. The optimum water contents of the mixtures were determined by using modified proctor test. Optimum water content, maximum dry unit weight and maximum fresh unit weight of produced specimens were measured. Optimum water content of specimens decreased depending on increasing fine aggregate amount, however these values increased after a limit value. Maximum fresh and dry unit weights of specimens increased depending on increasing fine aggregate amount, however after a limit value the fresh and dry weights of specimens decreased.



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