Information security, technology, infrastructure, small-medium enterprises, system


The main focus of this proposal is to analyze implementation challenges, benefits and requirements in implementation of Information Systems and managing information security in small and medium size companies in Western Balkans countries. In relation to the study, the proposal will focus in the following questions to investigate: What are the benefits that companies mostly find after the implementation of Information Systems has been implemented, efficiency, how to they manage security of the information’s, competitive advantage, return of investments etc. The study should give a clear approach to Information Systems implementation, information security, maintenance, measurable benefits, challenges companies have gone through and a model how to approach Information Systems as a general guide utilizing best practices by the companies that are also supported by the available literature review. A very important place on the research will have also the Information security threats, security management measures and proposed alternatives for organizations to network vulnerabilities from malicious attacks. Since there are several security management frameworks which encompasses also the security management models, my research could be starting with an analyze of the security management, current situation and will end with a proposal for the new approach to information security.



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