E-Management, E-Learning, Academic network, Joint programs, Summer school, Students’ mobility, Flexible CEEPUS Course, Web based application.


Summer courses can be a valuable and rewarding experience for students who want to continue building and developing their learning skills during the summer. They offers both flexible and stress-free environments to whom want to master a specific course or gain experience in a totally new subject that they would not otherwise come into contact with during the school year. This helps to round out a student's educational experience and it can be very helpful to them when deciding what they want to do in college and in life. UBT along with partners from TU-Sofia and more with the coordination of CEEPUS Network - CIII-BG-1103-05-2021 Modelling, Simulation and Computer-aided Design in Engineering and Management, organized a summer academy session with

20 hours Flexible CEEUS Course. This was a great opportunity to probate IMA-NET, a web platform for innovative e- Management of Academic Network. Students from different countries, participating in the summer course, were introduced with

the software. Diverse valuable information, including students preferred topics and evaluation of the whole event, collected through surveys and feedback in IMA-NET web application and some new features of IMA-NET platform as the Certificate generator option are described in the paper.



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