The MBE Faculty has been engaged in scientific research and in generating new insights. The quality and quantity of research achieved by our academic staff and postgraduate students has continuously increased and has reflected in the increase of the number of publications in conferences, symposiums and publications in scientific journals, book chapters and other ways of publications. Moreover, UBT in general and MBE in specific, have invested in active and productive collaborations with a wide range of national and international partners.

The Management, Business and Economy Faculty has very defined research organization structures. It has identified and is contributing in these selected research fields (but not limiting in only these): Strategic management and entrepreneurship; Innovation and companies’ growth; Operations research (of processes and systems); Business process; Organizational structures and culture; International project management; Development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs); Sustainable economic development; Risk management and evaluation of risky assets; Intercultural competences and international business; Interdependence in international trade; Economic and social environment factors; Labor economics – of human capital and unemployment; Public procurement and logistics; Fiscal policy and public finances; Monetary policy and central banks; International economy aspects; Econometrics; Education economics; Environment and natural resources; Advanced economics; and Financial institutions and finance management.


Works from 2021


Relationship Between Inflation and Unemployment: The Case Study of Former Yugoslav Countries, Florin Aliu, Albulena Jahja, and Ermal Lubishtani


Phillips Curve in Self-management Socialism of Yugoslavia, Florin Aliu, Isa Mulaj, and Ruzhdi Matoshi

Phillips Curve in Self-management Socialism of Yugoslavia, Florin Aliu, Isa Mulaj, and Ruzhdi Matoshi

The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Decisions to Purchase Products, Rajan Arapi and Meriton Isufi

The Effect of Influencer Marketing on Brand Awareness, Gonxhe Beqiri and Nora Sadiku Dushi

The Effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic On Global Economy,With a Special Emphasis on Kosovo, Feim Brava





Privacy And Data Protection in E-Commerce, Vesna Paunkoska Dodevska and Bashkim Nuredini

The role and importance of promotion in the development of Kosovar construction companies - Case Study - "Standard" and "Trade", Mirjeta Domniku, Mersiha Kaçamakoviç, and Blerta Avdyli


The Effect of Country-of-Origin on the Customers’ Perception of Product: A Literature Review, Nora Sadiku Dushi, Gonxhe Beqiri, and Aferina Skeja


The impact of remittances on economic growth in Kosovo, Fidane Spahija Gjikolli and Rrahman Krasniqi


Monetary Policy in the Eurozone, Arbiana Govori

A Review of Evaluation Methodology and the Microeconomic Empirical Studies, Albulena Jahja, Nick Adnett, Mehtap Hisarciklilar, and Artane Rizvanolli

Recycling management for construction waste and pharmaceutical Waste-Case Study: “Gremlog” and “Heavy Machinery Viqa” –Dubai, Mersiha Kacamakovic, Mirjeta Domniku, and Arbenita Shefkiu

The Impact of training on the Performance of Managers and Employees on the Success or Growth of SMEs in Kosovo, Enver Krasniqi, Dea Krasniqi, and Lorika Abdullahu

The Role of Senior Management In The Integration of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activities, Enver Krasniqi, Dea Krasniqi, and Lorika Abdullahu

Loans with different nominal interest rates, Ramadan Limani

The Impact of Psychology Management on Organizational Values, Ylber Limani and Aurela Deda

Economic Dynamics and Enterprise Digitalization Trends, Ylber Limani and Blerina Hoxha


Application of the self-checkout system in Kosovo, Hamëz Rama and Fjolla Leka


Did Covid 19 kill the creativity of project managers?, Ermira Shehu and Osman Sejfijaj


Global Issues in Project Management, besnik skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Works from 2020


B2B or B2C, this is the question: A case study over implementation of B2B and B2C models in the same sector and a cross-company e-business model evaluation, Besim Abdullai and Bashkim Nuredini

Consumer Behavior in Choosing Products for Children (0-24 Months), Rajan Arapi and Malsore Gashi Kida

Digital Marketing and its Impact on Sales, Gonxhe Beqiri


The Role of Risk Management Departments in Banking Institutions, Enver Daci


Reward Management of Employees in the Banking Sector, Enver Daci and Lirim Lani

The Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) in Business Performance-Profit, Nehat Dobratiqi


International Economic Factors and Crises, Mirjeta Domniku and Lorik Elezkurtaj


The Role of Personalized Marketing in Business- Customer Relationships, Mirjeta Domniku, Lebeat Mustafa, and Ejona Bajraktari

COVID-19’s Impact and Implications to Financial System, Armira Fetoshi and Bukurie Imeri Jusufi

Data Access and Quality Assessment of Selected Macroeconomic Statistics in Kosovo, Mentor Geci and Kaltrina Bunjaku Pasuli

Influencing Factors on the Ethical Decision Making of Accountants in Kosovo, Fidane Spahija Gjikolli


Financial Statement Analysis: Case study of Kamila LLC (2016-2018), Fidane Spahija Gjikolli and Hana Gjurgji

The Impact of Marketing Strategies on the Growth of Voluntary Blood Donors in Kosovo, Melania Gjocaj and Gonxhe Beqiri

The relative and overall effectiveness of different ALMPs in reducing unemployment. An analysis using Inverse Probability Weighting-Regression Adjustment, Albulena Jahja, Nick Adnett, and Artane Rizvanolli

Analysis of Investments in Financial Markets, Blerina Jashari and Bukurie Imeri Jusufi

The impact of Covid 19 on North Macedonian Economy and Government Responses, Blerta Kodri and Bukurie Imeri Jusufi

Measuring the Size of the Informal Economy in the Republic of Kosovo (2008-2018), Dea E. Krasniqi and Enver Krasniqi

Challenges, Funding Resources and Their Impact on the SMEs Growth in Kosovo, Enver Krasniqi and Dea Krasniqi


The Impact of Digital Technologies on Business Internationalization Process, Ylber Limani and Zana Bashota Broja


Kosovo as a Strategic Awareness of the EU, Ylber Limani and Erza Ostrogllava


Macroeconomic Stability Objectives, Hasan Metin, Iliriana Berisha, and Lirim Lani

Loans and Effective Interest Rate, Nazmi Misini and Faton Kabashi

Impact of Strategies in the Development and Growth of Businesses, Labeat Mustafa and Mirjeta Domniku


Digital Marketing Trends, Naim Preniqi, Kaltrina Sylaj, and Elinda Krasniqi

The Typology of Consumers in Kosovo and Motivation, Hamëz Rama and Nurtene Rexhepi


Hot Spots or Balanced Score Cards?, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Initial Analysis of COVID -19 Deaths and COVID-Cases with HDI and Socio Economic Indicators, Yurdal Çakal Velagic and Sema Kazazi

The impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior in Kosovo, Leonita Braha Vokshi and Kaltrina Bunjaku Pasuli

Works from 2019

Relationship Between Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Success in Kosovo, Bejtush Ademi

Promotion Mix and Beverage Manufacturing Enterprises: Consumer and Buyer Perspective, Rajan Arapi and Gonxhe Beqiri

Social media marketing and Business Enterprises in European Union, Gonxhe Beqiri and Rajan Arapi

Organizational Culture of Higher Education in Kosovo and North Macedonia, Leonita Braha and Kaltrina Bunjaku Pasuli

The Effectiveness of Nudging Techniques to Customers in Kosovo: An Experimental Study, Nehat Dobratiqi


Corporate Governance in Insurance Companies – Need or Trend?, Vesna Paunkoska Dodevska and Bashkim Nuredini

Economy and Diseconomy of Scale in Microeconomy Case study: Procredit Bank, Mirjeta Domniku and Blert Podvorica

Board of Directors' Quality on Earnings Management: Evidence from Insurance Industry in Kosovo, Fidane Spahija Gjikolli


Globalization of Banking Business and Risk Management, Arbiana Govori and Qemajl Sejdija

The Effectiveness of Active Labour Market Policies in Reducing Unemployment in Kosovo, Albulena Jahja, Nick Addnett, and Artane Rizvanolli

External Audit, Blerina Jashari and Bukurie Imeri Jusufi

Optimization of Economic Functions with two Variables, Azir Jusufi, Bukurie Imeri Jusufi, Flamure Sadiku, and Faton Kabashi

Benefits from Imlementation of ABC Methods in Microbusinesses in Republic of North Macedonia, Bukurie Imeri Jusufi

Use of the Function Derivative to Minimize the Cost, Faton Kabashi, Azir Jusufi, and Hizer Leka

The Analyses of Management and Manager’s Experience Impact on Success of Kosovo SME’s, Enver Krasniqi, Xhevdet Krasniqi, and Dea Krasniqi


Hadamard's Coding Matrix and Some Decoding Methods, Hizer Leka, Azir Jusufi, and Faton Kabashi

Simple Interest as a Special Case of Compound Interest, Ramadan Limani


The Impact of Effective Management on Economic Growth, Ylber Limani, Florentina Musliu, and Blerina Hoxha


Alternative Energy Generation and its Economic Impact on Developing Countries: A Case Study of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Northern Macedonia, Ruzhdi Matoshi and Isa Mulaj

The impact of globalization on vocational education and its challenge to schools, Ivica Opacak, Agon Halabaku, and Sinisa Bilic


The Impact of Organizational Changes on Human Capital Performance and Motivation, Kaltrina Bunjaku Pasuli and Leonita Braha Vokshi

Is Television Changing its Position on the Promotional Goals of Companies?, Nehat Ramadani


Consumer Protection and Care in Kosovo, Hamëz Rama


Understanding Impact of Professional Training on Work Performance, besnik skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Search Engine Optimization Effect on Online Purchase Decision, Jonida Xhemaili

Works from 2018

Financial Sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations in Kosovo, Bejtush Ademi

Strategic management of enterprises, condition for economic development, Farie Aliu

Effective Promotion Methods and Their Impact on Enterprises Performance, Rajan Arapi and Gonxhe Beqiri

How does financial market development and goods market efficiency affect national economic competitiveness: Kosovo case study?, Elirjeta Beka

Importance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Kosovo and creation of favorable policies in attracting them, Feim Brava

The importance of non-financial services for the development of SMEs - Kosovo Case, Arton Celina

The Role of Management in Microfinancial Institutions and Impact at Costumers, Enver Daci

The economic effects of external migration on the municipality of Dragash, Hazer Dana and Tomor Qela

Reward Based Performance, Aida Dibra

The returns on Earnings from Schooling - the Sheepskin Effects, Nehat Dobratiqi and Philip Trostel

Role and Impact of Decision-Making on The Performance of SMEs In Kosovo, Mirjeta Domniku and Lebeat Mustafa

Analyzing determinants and sources of financing of Kosovo banking system, Mentor Geci and Edrina Gashi


The determinants of bank interest rate margins: A panel approach for some Balkan countries, Fidane Spahija Gjikolli

The Role of Knowledge Management in The Economy Based on Knowledge, Arbiana Govori

European Union as a factor for the democratization of Western Balkan Countries and the EU's impact on promoting democracy and normalizing relations between Serbia and Kosovo, Agon Halabaku

Changes of the interest rates and their impact in the capital structures of the companies, Bukurie Imeri and Blerta Kondri


The Statistical Comparison of Remittances in Kosovo with Balkan Countries, Blerina Jashari and Mentor Geci


Use composite commutation functions in determining the Diffie-Hellman keys, Faton Kabashi and Azir Jusufi


The Impact of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management in Kosovo SME Sector, Enver Krasniqi, Sehare Maliqi, and Dea Krasniqi

The role of internal audit in risk assessment in large Kosovo companies, Lirim Lani

Effective Interest Rate for Simple Interest Deposits, Ramadan Limani

The impact of Global Economy on Higher Education: Analysis of the University and Industry Research and Development (R&D) Interdependence, Ylber Limani and Edmond Hajrizi


An Approach to The Capacity Management of the Public Health Institutions: University Clinical Centre of Kosova Case Study, Ylber Limani and Marigona Markaj

The impact of Job-Growth and Innovative Entrepreneurial Activity on Economic Growth: An International Evidence, Ermal Lubishtani, Iraj Hashi, Ian Jackson, and Besnik Krasniqi