Date of Award

Winter 1-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor Degree


Computer Science

First Advisor

Krenare Pireva Nuçi




The advent of the Internet and a large number of digital technologies has brought with it many different challenges. A large amount of data is found on the web, which in most cases is unstructured and unorganized, and this contributes to the fact that the use and manipulation of this data is quite a difficult process. Due to this fact, the usage of different machine learning techniques for Text Classification has gained its importance, which improved this discipline and made it more interesting for scientists and researchers for further study. These techniques bring a lot of advantages, as they are now in very large numbers, where they provide solutions to almost every problem we may encounter. With this, we can notice that text classification is quite extensive as a discipline. The objective of this paper is to indicate several different classification techniques that will classify a transcript from a video lesson into the specific category to which it belongs.