Plastering machine, Water flow control, Automation of plastering machine, Putzmaschine


Automation of water flow at plastering machines is a solution which serves the process of plastering, to adhere international standards. Automation of water flow by taking signals from the condition of the material depending on humidity. So its output is used to influence the increase or decrease of the amount of water flow in the valve. Water flow automation is a system which consists of several components in which the already, develop different processes. To release the feedback we need a sensor which is built by piezoelemnt in which we have the phenomenon of the frequency. With which we have to create a variable signal at the entrance of electronic board . This signal varies depending on the moisture condition to the material of the exit of machine. Electronic board which is part of an intelligent system where we have 6 incoming signals and 4 signals at its output. We have an actuator which depending on the orders it receives from electronic board in valve reacts and works to increase and decrease the amount of water that flows. We have a float 1,0,2 (auto, 0, manual) which serves to orient the system in manual or automatic system. Manual system is realized through one potentiometer, while automatic system is implemented by using the sensor. So it comes to obtaining information on the move again while the system operates automatically.



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