A context of use analysis is an important step in every software engineering project. Comprising the identification of the key system users as well as an analysis of the system environment and the activities supported, this engineering step is crucial for the successful development of information systems. Clarity with respect to the users’ demand for system support and their participation in the activities supported by the system is considered particularly important for systems which are critical for organizational continuity and which are used across organizational boundaries. Systems supporting policy and security configuration management in networks of IT service providers, their customers and auditors meet both of these criteria. Within the scope of this article, the context of use of such a system supporting policy and security configuration management is investigated by means of a user-oriented approach. The focus lies on a specific setting being investigated within the scope of an on-going research project. The investigation which was based on a series of qualitative interviews as well as desk research resulted in a comprehensive description of the participation of a set of key system users in activities related to policy and security configuration management as well as their demand for system support. Also the key users and the activities to be supported are discussed within the scope of this article.



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