e-learning., learning management systems, higher education institutions


This study provides a review of the literature on e-learning systems evolution and environments. The argument is that e-learning systems should be embedded in the core strategy of the institution. To support this premise, studies for e-learning are analyzed and six recommendations are drawn for universities to follow in order to have successful e-learning environments. The main contribution of this study, however, is the identification of the trends and statistics regarding the e-learning usage in the Balkan region. These stats are identified through a survey conducted in 40 universities in 10 countries from this region. The results show that more than 70% of the universities have adopted LMS, which does not fall short behind when compared with universities in the world. Also, the results show that around 64% of the private universities develop LMS in-house, compared with around 38% of the public universities, which have funding from the governments and can purchase vendor based solutions. However, the results from the survey suggest that public universities in these countries are more prone to open-source rather than vendor based.





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