durability, self-sealing, concrete, crystalline additive


There is a continuous increase of quality on civil engineering materials in developed countries and parallel increase of need for new constructions in developing countries. Professional community should propose solutions for the durability that can resist in different severe environments. The most important factor that can affect concrete durability is represented by the pore distribution. Transport properties can take place through the porous network inside the cementitious composites and the aggregates interface, permitting the ingress of aggressive agents damaging concrete function intrinsically as a material and the wellfunctioning of the entire structure. The use of a crystalline admixture during the mixing procedure can fill the pores and capillarity of the cement composites, while in case of the appearance of the cracks, can perform as sealing agent, representing a secondary innovative benefit. Concrete structure, in this case will be more durable and there will be no need for unplanned intervention.



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