Mechatronic, Trends, Education, Cobots, Renewable sources.


Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field integrating Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Computer Science. In this paper are presented the “face” of was changing dramatically over recent years. The complexity of devices and systems has increased dramatically, requiring a system-level approach to mechatronics design. This approach helps engineers to combine mechanical and control design, execute a test easily, and reuse algorithms within the final embedded delivery framework. This trend at system level is fuelled by growing investments in the fields of medical, life sciences and renewable energy as well as developments in industrial machinery. This approach greatly improves the design process by combining best practices and technology available to streamline design, prototyping, and implementation. By splitting the design process into parallel threads, the engineers may introduce a more efficient process of creation. Improving our way of life and the goods we use is not constrained by the common fields limits. In the nearest future, mechatronics will play a major role in enhancing the reliability, protection and affordability of products. In this paper are presented a development trends in Mechatronics and the future research will look into the negative effects of these technologies and necessary solutions to mitigate the threats.



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