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In the modern world, cybersecurity is an important issue in the field of technology. The main security problem is the security of the data we receive on the server side after being sent by the client or by the sensors. Nowadays cybersecurity is seen as an area where software is more important than hardware and this led to an increase in the number of securities at the software level. By increasing security at the hardware level cyber security takes another dimension. Network infrastructure devices serve for the realization of communication of applications, data, services and multi-media. These devices include firewalls, routers, servers, switches, load-balancers, domain name systems. Intrusion detection systems and storage area networks. All of these infrastructure devices are the main target of cyberattacks because all data traffic passes through them. A router attack can monitor all network traffic. Network data can be monitored and modified. Also, the presence of an attack on the switch can monitor, modify and deny traffic to hosts within the network. Most organizations that use old unencrypted protocols to manage their hosts make it easier to obtain credentials from cyberattacks. Security at the hardware level is one of the most important issues for the proper functioning of computer systems. Hardware security includes limited access to sensitive information, risks and potential security threats, protection against unauthorized, and enhancement of hardware performance. This paper provides an overview of internet security hardware devices and some recommendations.



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