The research themes at the Department of Energy Engineering aim to explore:

Energy institutions and regulations – research topics explore the regulatory framework both national and EU and their implication for energy production

Efficiency and Renewable Energy within the Public Sector – the research topics explore the approaches and trends in promoting energy efficiency in the public sector using modern solar, wind and biomass energy production

Energy Efficiency in the Private Sector – the research topics explore the approaches and trends in promoting energy efficiency in the private sector using modern solar, wind and biomass energy production.


Works from 2023

The new European Directive EPBD (Energy Performance of Building Directive) and the added value of the photovoltaic system, Kliton Bylykbashi, Besar Veseli, Shqiprim Ahmeti, Vehbi Sofiu, and Luca Rubini

THE NEW NZEB HOMES SET BY EUROPE AND A CASE STUDY FOR KOSOVO, Kliton Bylykbashi, Besar Veseli, Shqiprim Ahmeti, Vehbi Sofiu, and Luca Rubini

The new EPBD directive A case study of a renovation of a country house in Kosovo, Kliton Bylykbashi, Besar Veseli, and Visar Krelani

Urban wastewater before and after treatment at the Plant of Skenderaj, Sami Gashi, Vehbi Sofiu, Shkëlzim Ukaj, and Besar Veseli

Possibilities of Utilizing the Potential of Solar Energy in Kosovo, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Armend Ymeri, and Blinera Bislimi

Energy transition in support of climate conditions for Renewable Energy Sources, Vehbi Sofiu, Sami Gashi, Besar Veseli, Armend Ymeri, and Muhaxherin Sofiu

Efficient energy building and pollution control, Afrim Syla

Advantages of a Gas Insulated Substation (GIS), Armend Ymeri, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Gentian Kicaj, and Diellza Morina

Works from 2022

PVsyst & PVSol Software Testing, Gentiana Alija and Ines Bula

Integration of Photovoltaic Energy in the Electricity System of Kosovo, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Armend Ymeri, and Adi Vokshi


Sources of Surface Water Pollution in Lake Radoniq, Faton Maloku, Florent Dobroshi, and Krenar Dobroshi

Component dimensioning for a combined photovoltaic and heat pump system installed in a residential building, Atdhe Neziri, Nexhmi Krasniqi, and Armend Ymeri

Performance of wind turbines and generating efficiency in the KITKA Park, Vehebi Sofiu and Sami Gashi

Building performance analysis –aspects of energy management and thermal insulation factors influencing, Afrim Syla

The international energy crisis and the impact of the war on the increase in the price of oil - Case study Kosovo, Besar Veseli

Main Tests of Power Transformer TR2 in the Substation 35/10 kV “Xerxe”, Armend Ymeri, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Drenusha Gashi, Ermira Havolli, and Blendi Hashani

SCADA system in control and automation of distribution system, Armend Ymeri, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Drenusha Gashi, Fjolla Hysenaj, and Shqiprim Zejnullahu

Works from 2021



Trepça Mining and Metallurgical Complex as a catalyst for sustainable economic development in Kosovo, Afrim Osmani

Connection of new wind power plant to the electrical power system of Kosovo, Rexhep Shaqiri and Nexhmi Krasniqi

Photoelectric effect of solar radiation on small PV systems under the influence of climatic conditions, Vehebi Sofiu


Analysis and performance of hydro generation of electricity from small hydropower plants, Vehebi Sofiu, Sami Gashi, and Muhaxherin Sofiu

Impact of fossil fuel emissions on effects on Renewable energy sources, Besa Veseli


Testing of the Oil Type Distribution Transformers, Armend Ymeri, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Arton Aliu, Alush Mexhuani, Edon Hajdini, and Endrit Mustafa

Works from 2020

The Comparison Between Renewable and Fossil Energy in Kosovo, Visar Bejta and Ines Bula


Water Quality Analysis in Batllava Lake With Physico - Chemical Methods and Organic Materials, Florent Dobroshi, Faton Maloku, and Krenar Dobroshi

Environmental Impact of Electricity Production in Kosovo, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Besa Veseli, and Hazir Çadraku


Waste Pollution Analysis Medical in Rural Parts of Kosovo, Faton Maloku, Florent Dobroshi, and Besa Veseli


Pandemic Restrictions in Kosova as Indicator to Reduction of Air Pollution, Afete-Shala Musliu


The Production of Biodiesel Using Waste Cooking Oil in Kosovo, Laura Nushi, Sami Makolli, and Agron Millaku

Menagement of Industrial Waste in Flotations and Those from the Reduction Smelting Process in the zinc-lead Metallurgy of the ,,Trepça’’ Complex., Afrim Osmani


Sustainability of Energy Production From Fossils and Reversible Energy in Kosovo, Djellza Perbeza and Ines Bula

The Function of Generating Work and the Form of Connection of Wind Turbines to Each Other in Different Geographical Positions, Djellza Perbeza, Nexhmi Krasniqi, Vehebi Sofiu, and Besa Veseli

Impact of Anthropogenic Factors on Air Quality in Kosovo, Shkumbim Shala, Mentor Shala, Besa Veseli, Hyzer Rizani, and Beqir Gashi

PV System of Solar energy - SMART the sity at Campus of UBT – case study, Vehebi Sofiu, Besa Veseli, Nafije Shabani, and Sami Gashi

Works from 2019

New Approach of Recycling of Scrap-E-waste through Education, Ines Bula, Edmond Hajrizi, and Edin Bula


Impact of physicochemical parameters on the meeting of Erenik river and White Drin river, Faton Maloku, Florent Dobroshi, and Luan Daija

Analysis of the photovoltaic solar energy capacity of PV system built in Gjakova (Kosovo), Nafije Shabani, Vehebi Sofiu, Erjon Ameti, and Saranda Demolli

Loss of efficiency of light rays due to aerosol particles in PV cells, Vehebi Sofiu

Technology of wind turbines – ecopark kitka, Vehebi Sofiu

Global Warming and role of Construction Materials in consume energy, Afrim Syla

Treatment of sewage- Chemical-Physical – Skënderaj plant, Besar Veseli

Works from 2018

Innovative Smart Urban Traffic, Ines Bula and Edmond Hajrizi


Dynamics of improvement of some physico-chemical parameters in Lumbardhi River of Prizren from urban water discharges for the year 2018 compared to the year 2017, Sami Gashi, Besa Beseli, and Petrit Drini

Environmental benefits from using solar panels for electrical energy production, Veton Gjelaj and Afete-Shala Musliu

Environmental benefits from using solar panels for electrical energy production, Veton Gjelaj and Afete-Shala Musliu

Efficient Lighting Management in School Facilities, Fevzi Osmani and Lufti Bina

Performance analysis of a 3.9 kWp grid connected photovoltaic system with different types of module, and different slope angles, Nafije Shabani and Vjollca Komoni

The Benefit of alternative energy from the system of the solar collectors in several cities in Kosovo, Vehebi Sofiu

Trends Technology Innovation and application of SMART Managing System Operation for the future, Vehebi Sofiu

Efficient energy building and Integrating construction pollution control, Afrim Syla

Waste management and recycling in the Municipality of Mitrovica in the economic and environmental aspect, Besa Veseli, Vehebi Sofiu, and Sami Gashi

Possible Options for Modernization and Energy Efficiency of TPP Oslomej, Imer Zenku

Works from 2017


Using of HVDC Technology in Super Grids, Ines Bula, Valmira Hoxha, and Edin Bula

Renewables plus Storage Capacities, Pranvera Dobruna Kryeziu


Evaluation of the Ereniku river waters in the locations where the Lukac river flows, Faton Maloku, Luan Daija, and Xhelal Këpuska

The economical growth in Kosovo a challenge to environmental preservation in the Republic of Koso, Ruzhdi Matoshi and Besa Veseli

Opportunity for the exploitation of useful metals from the slags of blast furnace in lead metallurgy in the Trepça complex through the Electrothermic process, Afrim Osmani


Evaluation of physical - chemical contaminants in Lumbardhi River in Prizren for the period May - June 2017, Gashi Sami, Bajmaku Ymerr, Besar Veseli, and Drini Petrit

Monitoring of air quality in Gjilan in 2016, Shkumbin Shala, Osman Fetoshi, Arbnore Bytyqi, Mentor Shala, Rushan Ceka, Astrit Shala, and Patim Bytyqi


Wind turbine technology enables sustainable development of electricity in Kosovo, Vehebi Sofiu


Improving efficiency, reduction of pollution and CO2 emission from Power Plant Kosovo, Afrim Syla


Monitoring of air quality in the urban and industrial areas in Kosovo, Besa Veseli, Sami Gashi, and Shkumbin Shala


Economic Aspect of the Electricity Production in Subsidiary MPC Oslomej, Imer Zenku

Hydro Geothermal Energy Possibilities, Exploration and Future Prospects in Dukaghini Basin, Kosovo, Atifete Zuna

Works from 2015


Importance of Energy Efficiency in Power Engineering, Ines Bula, Edin Bula, and Diellza Berisha


Energy production in Kosova and regional perspectives, Ardian B. Gojani


Solar panels and their implementation in the UBT campus, Gentian Hyseni


The impact of air pollution on public lighting Solar panels in Shtimje, Vehbi Sofiu