UBT combines the basic research approach with basic research needs in line with the requirements for implementing this study program, engaging students considerably in research initiatives and projects.

The research activity in this field will be oriented mainly to:

  • Examining current industrial practices for food processing and industrial food production, and the potential for their advancement;
  • Approaches to the cultivation of agricultural and animal products, as well as their processing and preservation compared to the preservation of nutritional values;
  • Examining the food safety parameters and relevant practices from the collection of raw materials to the final product of the market; and
  • Behavior and nutrition practices in the general population, and specific groups, etc.


Works from 2018

Analytical Evaluation of Paper Degradation, Drita Abazi, Teresa Ferreira, Cristina Barrocas Dias, Ana Manhita, Margarida Nunes, and Suzana Aliu

Methods for Determining Air Quality in the Microbiological Aspect in the Production of Coal & Base Fresh Cooling Plates in the “Fluidi” Company, Gjilan-Kosovo, Luljeta Ajdini

Determination of Control Parametres of Land and Economic Development of the Region of Struga, Suzana Aliu, Fidan Feka, Hyzer Rizani, Fisnik Laha, and Valon Durguti

The importance of nutrition therapy in patient healing, Diola Dosti Baftiu

Morphological and biological characteristics of wheat (Triticum vulgare L.) cultivated in Kosovo, Nexhat Balaj, Afete-Shala Musliu, and Marjola Mala

Identification of pathogens of subclinical mastitis and its treatment in dairy cows at the lactation stage in some commercial farms for milk production in Kosovo, Xhavit Bytyçi and Nazmi Hasanak

New institutions for Kosovo, Agro-food chamber; A case in Lower-Austria, Imri Demelezi and János Vos

Reflections about food security and sovereignty: marshalling action steps for its resilience in Kosovo, Imri Demelezi and János Vos

The Quantitative Determination of Iron, Copper and Zinc in the Wine by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Valon Durguti, Suzana Aliu, Fisnik Laha, and Fidan Feka

The Chemical Wine Parameters Analysis on the Bottled Wine Produced in Kosovo, Valon Durguti and Floriana Berisha

Production of Vinegar Wine in Laboratory Conditions, Namik Durmishi, Ismail Ferati, Blinera Potera, Era Bruçi, Fjolla Vllasaliu, and Miranda Sahiti

The Impact of Activated Carbon at Some Water Wells Parameters, Fidane Feka, Fisnik Laha, Syzana Aliu, Hyzer Rizani, and Valon Durguti

Study of Foods Declared as GMO Free in the Market of Republic of Kosovo, Ismail Ferati, Namik Durmishi, Diellëz Arifi, Sara Selim, and Ardit Hoti

Optimization of the ground for CAB 6P (Prunus cerasus), Avdirrahman Gashi, Sami Gashi, Taulant Mitrushi, and Edlira Kukali

Durability Aspects of Concretes that Contain Industrial Solid Wastes (Fly-ash and Fe-Ni slag), Gani Kastrati

Water quality assessment at the Llapi River (Kosovo). The case study of correlation coefficients between the chemical data, Fisnik Laha, Fatbardh Gashi, Naser Troni, and Ardian Rexhepi

Migration of Chemical Substances from Food Packaging, Modeling and Simulation of Migration Processes, Violeta (Makolli) Lajki and Ilirian Malollari

Traditional and Industrial Production of Kosovo Sharri Cheese, Endra Luzha

Difference in Results Between Active and Pasive Methods During Measurement of the Radon Concentration in Land, Sami Makolli and Gezim Hodolli

Dairy Wastewater Characterization and Process Simulation for Producing Ethanol from Cheese Whey, Sami Makolli, Violeta (Makolli) Lajqi, Ilirjan Malollari, Redi Buzo, and Jonilda Llupa

Interaction of nanofibers with epithelial cells in the digestive system, Agron Millaku

Industrial contamination impact on food chain in correlation to poultry eggs, Afete-Shala Musliu, Nexhat Balaj, and Sami Makolli

Seasonal Dynamics of Respiratory Tract Infections from Group A Streptococcus Beta Hemoliticus in the Region of Gjakova, Kosovo, Arianeta Nura, Naser Ramadani, and Etleva Hamzaraj

Factors that influence the degradation of pesticides in fruit trees, Mufail Salihaj and Djellon Salihaj

Factors that Affect in Fresh Milk, Cow Milk, For Industrial Processing, Lorikë Salihu and Dilaver Salihu

The level of nutritional values on kids aged 4-6 years old fed in the preschools of Pollog region, Gafur Xhabiri, Era Bruçi, and Sara Selimi

Farmer Education and Impact in Agriculture Productivity in Kosovo, Emine Daci Zejnullahi

Meat Industry and its Impact on Food Safety in Kosovo, Medin Zeqiri, Xhavit Bytyçi, Ergent Pire, Smajl Rizani, and Ylli Biçokus

Works from 2017


Drinking Water Quality Control for Some Chemical-Physical Parameters in the Kosovo Market, Suzana Aliu, Fidan Feka, Hyzer Rizani, Shkëlzim Ukaj, Shkumbin Shala, Ardit Hoti, Kaltrina Hoxha, and Laureta Tasholli


Raw material of plant origin:cultivation tomato vegetable plant (Solanum lycopersicum) in Kosovo, Nexhat Balaj, Emine Daci Zejnullahi, and Llazar Haxhinasto

The results of testing the quantity of milk fat in milk as raw materials in some of the milk producers in the municipality of Istog, Xhavit Bytyçi and Nazmi Hasanaj


Microbiological analysis of the Aspergillus carbonarius and Penicilliumverrucosum in Kosovo vineyards, Valon Durgati, Aneliya Georgieva, Galena Angelova, Angel Angelova, and Zyri Bajrami


Control some quality parameters of the natural juice of blueberry with different fruit content, Namik Durmishi, Ljubica Karakasova, Frosina Babanovska-Milenkovska, and Renata Kongoli


Cultivation of the Potato in Kosovo and Analysis of Some Quality Parameters, Fidan Feka, Shkëlzim Ukaj, Syzana Aliu, Fjolla Vllasaliu, Sara Selimi, Taulant Vllasaliu, and Era Bruqi


The presence of aflatoxin M1 on processed milk in the Republic of Kosovo, Ismail Ferati, Bizena Bijo, Durim Alija, and Eljesa Ziberi

Supply and sale of functional foods in the South Mitrovica market, Genc Kadriu


Genealogical Analysis of Bar’s Body Activity in Hemophilia at Two Brothers and a Cousin, Naser Kamberi

Chemical Composition and Nutritional value of fresh strawberry fruit (Fragaria x ananassa), Hyrie Koraqi, Sami Makolli, and Gafur Xhabiri

Exposure to the natural radioactivity in the areas of Kosovo with high concentration of RN222 gas on the soil, S. Makolli, G. Hodolli, H. Koraqi, and V. Lajqi

Phytochemical and In Vitro Antioxidant Studies of Calendula Officinalis (L.) Growing Wild in Kosovo, Blerta Reçica and Fjolla Boshnjaku


The Antimicrobial Resistance of the Bacterium Salmonella Enteritidis Isolated from Poultry for the Production of Eggs in Kosovo, Hyzer Rizani, Syzana Aliu, Besart Jashari, Magbule Rizani, Shkëlzim Ukaj, Shkumbin Shala, and Fidan Feka


Determination of Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria and Coliforms in Rar Milk in the Region of Pristhtina, Lipjan and Rahovec, Hyzer Rizani, Besart Jashari, Shkumbin Shala, Magbule Rizani, Erna Sopa, Donjeta Gashi, Miranda Sahiti, and Fitore Hoti


Habitat of Fruits Plant and Small Fruits in Maqiteva Area, Shkëlzim Ukaj, Hyzer Rizani, Fidan Feka, and Shkumbin Shala


The qualities of the type 500 flours for the production of bread imported in the republic of Kosovo, Gafur Xhabiri, Ibrahim Hoxha, and Hyrije Koraqi

Farm typology and economic efficiency of agricultural farms in the Prizren region of the Republic of Kosovo, Emine Daci Zejnullahi, Nexhat Balaj, and Natasha Hodaj