The Law Faculty of UBT has been encouraging and permanently correlates the academic education with the scientific research. The development of the scientific research in the Law faculty under the vision of the UBT as an higher education institution has been conducted from the needs for connection between research and the development of the applied scientific research in the society, establishing scientific cooperation with industry or related scientific institutions in the country and abroad.

The scientific research activities are organized in the institutional level and in individual level from the staff in the process of their professional growth.

The scientific research has been considered a mechanism for the advancement of legal education, the professional development of new generations of academic and scientific researcher staff, the students’ inclusion in the scientific research projects or exchange of knowledge and experience and participating in joint projects.


Works from 2020

Kosovo environmental legislation for the protection of nature and air quality, Nexhat Balaj

Lost profit - Legal aspects, Vesna Paunkoska Dodevska and Bashkim Nuredini

Intellectual Property and its Reality in the Region, Altin Maliqi

Legal aspects of electronic contracts, Bashkim Nuredini and Vesna Paunkoska Dodevska

The Style of translation in George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984” between English SL and Albanian TL language, Redi Papa

The State of Emergency in the Constitutional Law of Kosovo, Behar Selimi

Marriage contracts in the Kosovo’s new Civil Code, the beginning of a new approach or new drawbacks, Jorida Xhafaj

Works from 2019

EU Environmental laws - Nature protection and biodiversity directives, Nexhat Balaj



Protection of privacy and banking secrecy in Swiss banking, Bashkim Nuredini and Vesna Paunkoska Dodevska

Trial of young adults and sanctions against them, Albulena U. Ukimeraj

Adjusting of the court testament according to positive legislation in Kosovo and its practical application for the period 2009-2010, Jorida Xhafaj and Egzona Osmanaj

Works from 2018

Cooperation of Local Government Units as A Factor for The Increase of Financial Resources, Agni Aliu, Edi Daci-Prapashtica, and Vrullim Buja

Kosovo Environmental law from an International Environmental law perspective, Nexhat Balaj, Filloreta Balaj, and Llazar Haxhinasto

Arbitration on the reality of justice in Albania, Altin Maliqi

The Right of Woman to Inheritance According to the Albanian Customary Law, Egzone Osmanaj

Minority Veto Rights in Kosovo’s Democracy, Behar Selimi

The Bilateral Agreements between Kosovo and Macedonia, Artan Tahiri

Rule of law, regulation and economic performance in Kosovo: An empirical analysis, Artan Tahiri and Miranda Haxhiu


Trial of young adults and sanctions against them, Albulena U. Ukimeraj

The Right to be Forgotten Under the General Regulation of Data Protection, Jorida Xhafaj

Juvenile Prison, Purpose and Effects, Ismail Zejneli

Works from 2017


Process of Decentralization in the Republic of Kosovo, Agni Aliu and Artan Tahiri


The definition of a 'place of effective management' at article 4 paragraph 3 of the 2014 OECD Model Tax Convention, Shkumbin Asllani


Associations of Municipalities in the Republic of Kosovo, Ramiz Fazliu


Human Rights, Flora Kadriu

In the EU’s waiting room: good neighborhood conditionallity for Kosovo and Serbia on their integration process, Artan Murati

The Role of Information, New Technologies and National Security, Shqiprim Pula

Common Foreign Policy of the European Union, From Maastricht to Lisbon – Legal Analysis, Shkelzen Sopjani


The impact of public interest in the information privacy: Analyze of the ECHR Decisions, Jorida Xhafaj and Almarin Frakulli

Works from 2015


The CISG applicability under the reservations, Erveina Gosalci


New interpretation of sovereignty, Erveina Gosalci and Ardian Emini


Metaphysical dialogue between philosophy and music in ancient Greek, Sunaj Raimi

Works from 2014


Principles of modern contract law, Berat Aqifi and Sasha Dukoski

Works from 2013


Illegal Serbian Structures in the Republic of Kosovo Why these structures are illegal and not paralel?, Behar Selimi