The Strategic Research Plan guides the UBT in responding effectively to the changing environment in research opportunities, and provides a platform for participation in international research-related initiatives. The programme research plan is linked to the institutional research strategy theme: Information Technology. UBT conducts research in all aspects of information technology : hardware and software, components and systems. Programme research topics include: IT systems, data analysis, modelling and simulation, software and programming, systems and data security, telecommunications, health informatics, Cyber security. The most recent staff research contributions are organised through the UBT Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering. Additionally, there are two Centres operating as part of the CSE Department: UBT Centre for Modelling and Simulation and UBT Centre for Data Security and Privacy.

The main research topics as part of the research strategy are:

  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
  • Cloud Computing and Mobile Technologies
  • Cluster and Grid Computing
  • Mobile Games, Web applications
  • Customer Care Excellence
  • E-Services, e-Health, e-Governance


Works from 2021

TCP Congestion Control Mechanisms – an Experimental Analysis and Comparison, Vilzan Arifaj and Zhilbert Tafa

Digitalization gap in academic institutions, Edin Bula, Besnik Qehaja, and Edmond Jajaga

The Digitalization Revolution in Dental Health Care and the Application of VR and AR, Vassil Guliashki, Melid Lješnjanin, and Diellza Berisha

Monitoring Water Level in Lake of Badovci, Prishtina with Remote Sensing & GIS, Behar Haxhismajli, Besnik Qehaja, and Edmond Hajrizi

Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition, Edmond Jajaga, Rreza Pylla, Saura Dinarama, and Valentina Shabani


Internet of Things in Healthcare: A Review, Faton Kabashi, Lamir Shkurti, Hizer Leka, Vehbi Sofiu, and Nazmi Misini


Importance of Cryptography in the Government, Gazmend Krasniqi and Agnesa Pefqeli

5G Network Deployment at UBT: Features, capabilities and challenges, Xhafer Krasniqi, Betim Gashi, Osman Osmani, and Edmond Hajrizi


Incidence matrix and some of its applications in graph theory, Hizer Leka and Faton Kabashi


The impact of GeoGebra on learning the concept of quadratic function, Nazmi Misini and Faton Kabashi

MPLS protocol function analysis, Valdon Vitija, Besnik Qehaja, and Kujtim Gashi

Works from 2020

Comparison between DOM manipulation technologies VirtualDOM and IncrementalDOM, Samir Ajdarpašić, Medina Shamolli, and Diellza Berisha

5G Technologies and its Impact during the implementation within exciting technology, Ylli Ajvazi, Besnik Qehaja, and Edmond Hajrizi

Simulation Smart City in UBT Campus using simulation software, Liza Berisha, Besnik Qehaja, and Edmond Hajrizi

Facing the challenge of SARS CoV- 2 by building a centralized coordination mechanism for research and experience sharing for clinical and research purposes, Edin Bula, Besnik Qehaja, Edmond Jajaga, and Ines Bula

Mapping Water Level in Lake of Badovci, Prishtina with Remote Sensing and GIS, Emin Emini, Behar Haxhismajli, and Edmond Hajrizi

Optimization of Travel Salesman Problem (TSP) Using Genetic Algorithms, Behar Haxhismajli, Egzon Hasi, Emin Emini, and Lumbardh Elshani


Performance Evaluation of Non-Relational Data on Big Data Environments, Edmond Jajaga and Edi Hasaj


Multithreaded Approach for Using Blockchain as an Automated Versioning Tool, Arber Kadriu, Dijar Kadriu, Donjet Salihi, and Edmond Jajaga

5G Testbed building and implementation as a form to support and drive Research and Innovation, Xhafer Krasniqi, Edmond Hajrizi, and Besnik Qehaja


Constructing Hadamard matrices using binary codes, Hizer Leka and Faton Kabashi


A Framework to TOR Network Traffic Analytics, Agon Qorolli and Zhilbert Tafa

Towards Internet of Things: Design and Implementation of a Vehicle Measurement System for Air Quality Monitoring, Bleron Zherka and Zhilbert Tafa

Works from 2019

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Measures for Cybercrimes, Blerton Abazi, Artan Luma, and Arta Abdullahu

The architecture of the intelligent transport system (ITS), Muhamet Avdyli and Ruzhdi Jashari

Automatic Lung Cancer Detection Using Artificial Intelligence, Rushiti Bardh and Bertan Karahoda

Microservice architecture as an eco approach for software development, Egzon Berisha, Ramiz Hoxha, and Medina Shamolli

Benefits and Challenges of Applying Machine Learning in Adaptive Systems, Ermira Daka and Krenare Pireva

Developing an online bookstore using various technologies and open APIs, Andi Hoxha, Fatmir Marmullaku, Agon Hashani, Ramiz Hoxha, and Medina Shamolli

Data Privacy in Social Networks: Awareness and Exposure Issues, Ariana Hoxha and Zhilbert Tafa

Security and Data Encryption on Cloud Platform, Arton Jashari, Arbian Shkodra, and Diellza Berisha

Conceptual Design and Software Development of Clinical Management System based on Microservices, Xhelal Jashari, Edin Vllaço, Bekim Fetaji, and Besnik Qehaja


Analyzing the linearity of some operators, Faton Kabashi, Azir Jusufi, and Hizer Leka

Microservices architecture using .NET Core and ReactJS, Arber Kadiri and Ramiz Hoxha


AI leverage in easing the 5G complexity and enhancing 5G intelligent connectivity, Xhafer Krasniqi

3D Animation and Virtual Reality in Education and Training, Jeton Lakna and Edmond Hajrizi

Hadamard's coding matrix and some decoding methods, Hizer Leka, Azir Jusufi, and Faton Kabashi

Design and implementation of digital learning resources using cloud services – ORA case, Shkodran Lladrofci and Edmond Jajaga

The development and implementation of National PhD School in ICT in Kosovo Education System, Anita Mirijamdotter and Krenare Pireva

Towards Polyglot Persistence: The Use of Various Data Storages with Microservices Architecture, Besart Pllana and Granit Krasniqi

HTTPS as a growing alternative for cybersecurity and digital privacy, Gent Reshtani, Gazmend Krasniqi, and Kujtim Gashi

Domain Name System: an extensive summary, Gent Reshtani and Besnik Qehaja

Works from 2018

Algorithmization and programing of certain encrytpion methods of economic data, Valdet Abdurrahmani and Azir Jusufi

Use of semantic web development and linked data in improving e-Health care systems, Edin Bula, Besnik Qehaja, and Ines Bula


Efficiency of calculating GCD through computer with help of modified Euclidean algorithm, Emin Emini, Azir Jusufi, and Ruhada Emini

Traditional Master Slave Database Replication vs Multi Master Galera Cluster for High availability Cloud based Applications and Services, Betim Gashi and Muhamet Sherifi

Application of artificial neural network for categorization of mobile bills, Kastriot Gashi and Bertan Karahoda

Enhancing the Practical Learning through the Usage of Augmented Reality, Ramiz Hoxha, Arbër Mula, and Edmond Laja

Evaluation of triggers and stored procedures of relational databases, Edmond Jajaga and Ferihane Nuhiji

Privacy and Security Data communications issues in HealthCare Ecosystem, Arton Jashari, Besnik Qehaja, and Diellza Berisha

Performance of search engines using “Elasticsearch” and “Alogia” cloud services, Besnik Korça, Krenare Pireva Nuçi, and Edrina Gashi

Design of an Internet of Things Module for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring, Ramiz Krasniqi and Zhilbert Tafa


NB-IoT: A Network slice for Massive IoT, Xhafer Krasniqi

3D in digital media, Jeton Lakna

The use of recommender systems in web applications – The use of TROI recommender systems, Donjeta Mulaj, Krenare Pireva Nuçi, and Hasan Metin


Performance Analysis of Java Persistence API Providers, Besart Pllana

A method to calculate determinants, with computer algorithm interpretation, Armend Salihu and Fatlinda Salihu

Testing and Deployment Time Performance Improvement for Telecommunications Services using SDR and Docker, Artan Salihu, Ilir Koci, and Egzon Brajshori

Implementing Lecture Scheduling in UBT through RESTful API via micro-service architecture, Blerim Zylfiu, Lavdim Menxhiqi, and Ramiz Hoxha

Works from 2017

The importance of professional certifications within ICT institutions, Blerton Abazi and Edmond Hajrizi


Permission-based Privacy Analysis for Android Applications, Erza Gashi and Zhilbert Tafa


Research on system communication by using unified registry model & elements, Kujtim Gashi, Atdhe Buja, and Fatos Idrizi

The integration of e-Health system in National healthcare – The case of Kosova, Emira Halimi and Krenare Pireva


Decision making based on data analyses using data warehouses, Valdrin Haxhiu

Mobile Applications vs Privacy, Mentor Hoxhaj, Tanzer Abazi, and Edmond Hajrizi

Social Network Usage by Kosovo Citizens, Mentor Hoxhaj, Tanzer Abazi, and Edmond Hajrizi

Enabling technologies for 5G: Small Cells, massiveMIMO, mmWave, Network Slicing and Beamforming, Xhafer Krasniqi

IoT Solution: A Mobile Application for Public Transport QoE Improvement, Armir Kuçi and Zhilbert Tafa

The effects of Security mechanisms on VoIP communication, Bajram Quka and Krenare Pireva

Comparison of Web Development Technologies ASP.NET vs. PHP, Rexhep Rexhepi, Ramiz Hoxha, and Betim Gashi

Comparison of Computer Execution Time of Determinant Calculation, Armend Salihu, Azir Jusufi, and Fatlinda Salihu


Characteristics and Temporal Behavior of Internet Backbone Traffic, Artan Salihu, Muharrem Shefkiu, and Arianit Maraj

Comparing Contemporary Infrastructure Services: Cloud and on-Premise, Ukë Sejfijaj and Osman Osmani

Implementation of ICT in the management of transport vehicles, Eldion Sheapi, Bilall I. Shaini, and Blerton Abazi

Synchronization and High Availability of Data by Using Technology of SQLServer 2012 Always On, Exhevit Ymeri, Besnik Qehaja, and Ramiz Hoxha

Works from 2016


Cloud Computing and Enterprise Data Reliability, Luan Gashi


Web application penetration testing, Besnik Qehaja, Gazmend Krasniqi, Ardian Bajraliu, and Amet Shabani


Improving non-native English students’ communicative competence and collaboration skills through Virtual Simulations, Alisa Sadiku

Works from 2015


Bounty techniques for web vulnerability scanning, Tanzer Abazi, Mentor Hoxhaj, Edmond Hajrizi, and Gazmend Krasniqi


Security Concerns of new alternative telecommunication services, Arbnora Hyseni, Krenare Pireva, and Miranda Kajtazi


Internet of Things: From applications, challenges and standardization to Industry implementations, Xhafer Krasniqi


Implementation of the AODV Routing in an Energy-constrained Mesh Network, Altin Zejnullahu and Zhilbert Tafa

Works from 2014


Authentication in SaaS by implementing double security measures, Muhamet Gërvalla and Shkëlqim Berisha


Efficient Algorithm for solving 3SUM problem, Muhamed Retkoceri


Using congruence in encoding musical partituras, Besim Shala, Besiana Mehmedi, Shkodran Tolaj, and Azir Jusufi


IT, E-Commerce, Individual and Team Learning Environment, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Works from 2013


Data Integrity Check using Hash Functions in Cloud environment, Selman Haxhijaha, Gazmend Bajrami, and Fisnik Prekazi


Modeling a Interworking WiMax LAN and MANET using OPNET Software, Petrit Shala and Luan Gashi


Project Scheduling and role of IT, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi


Estimation and Improvements of the Fundamental QoS in Networks with Random Topologies, Zhilbert Tafa