Collected here are conference presentations from faculty in the department of Information Systems at the University for Business and Technology.


Works from 2020

The impact of security and privacy while using the Internet, Blerton Abazi

Creating Promotional and Supporting Materials for an Exhibition: A Pandemic-specific case-study, Artrit Bytyçi and Fatmir Azemi

Internet As Globalization Component And Kosovo Domain Challenges, Edrina Gashi and Mentor Geci

Big data challenges, prospects, and their potential use in Kosovo, Mentor Geci and Edrina Gashi

Security Of Information Systems - Legal And Ethical Rules. Chalenges Of Appying In Kosovo, Ruzhdi Jashari and Muhamet Avdyli


An Investigation of the Effects of Digital Technologies on Business Processes: The Case Study of Banking Sector, Ylber Limani and Teuta Gazideda


The Complexity Issues of Enterprise Digitalization and the Organisational Challenges of Operations: The Case of Kosova, Ylber Limani, Edmond Hajrizi, and Larry Stapleton

Online Learning - An Academic Challenge or A New Success, Gelina Maliqi


Digital Transformation in e-Learning Education, Naim Preniqi, Muhamet Gërvalla, and Kaltrina Sylaj

Works from 2019

Implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Standards in Banking Sector, Blerton Abazi

Data Privacy in Social Networks: Awareness and Exposure Issues, Ariana Hoxha and Zhilbert Tafa

The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Advanced Operations Management, Ylber Limani, Edmond Hajrizi, and Larry Stapleton

Information Security Risk Management, Artan Luma and Blerton Abazi

E-Government as a Development Factor in Government Management, Gelina Maliqi

Works from 2018

Risk Assessment process according to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Blerton Abazi

E-services as a valuable tool to foster better interaction in the Republic of Kosovo, Albert Aliu and Arbnor Halili

Benefits of Implementation of the Systems Management Systems Standards in Kosovo (ISO 9001, ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 20000), Driton S. Bejtullahu, Edmond Hajrizi, and Naim Preniqi

Technologies that are needed to detect malicious code known as Automated Defense in Cyber Security & Privacy, Atdhe Buja

Digital economy and technological readiness: impact on economic competitiveness in Kosovo, Edi Bushati and Albnora Hoti

Measuring efficiency of online courses in improving learning framework, Edrina Gashi and Mentor Geci

The impact of information technology in Human Resources Management. Case Study: Kosovo, Art Hoxha and Albnora Hoti

Protection of Personal Data, Security of Information and Access to Public Documents: Challenge for Kosovo Institutions, Ruzhdi Jashari


Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing: Case study on web application security, Gazmend Krasniqi and Veton Bejtullahu

The Current Situation of Digital Transformation Process in Higher Education Institutions (HEI): The case of Kosovo, Ylber Limani, Edmond Hajrizi, and Murat Retkoceri

The impact of digitalization on business processes: case study: Kosovo SMEs, Ylber Limani, Edmond Hajrizi, and Rina Sadriu

Application Possibilities of Blockchain Technology in Banking Sector in terms of Data Security and Privacy, Bujar Lushta

Trends Technology Innovation and application of SMART Managing System Operation for the future, Vehebi Sofiu

E-entrepreneurship challenges: evidence from Inc., Kaltrina Sylaj, Hasan Metin, Naim Preniqi, and Muhamet Gërvalla

Works from 2017


An approach to Information Security for SMEs based on the Resource-Based View theory, Blerton Abazi

Application of Big Data Concept in Foreign Trade Analysis, Albnora Hoti


E-Commerce Implementation in Kosovo, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Works from 2016


Cloud Computing and Enterprise Data Reliability, Luan Gashi


Improving Business Networking through the Effective Utilisation of Information Systems, Ylber Limani


The Implementation of Information Systems in Network Administration: The Improvement of Intranet Utilization in Higher Education Institutions, Besnik Skenderi, Murat Retkoceri, and Rina Sadriu


The Role of knowledge management in the Information system, Sejdi Xhemaili

Works from 2015


IT Outsourcing, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Works from 2014


Authentication in SaaS by implementing double security measures, Muhamet Gërvalla and Shkëlqim Berisha


Efficient Algorithm for solving 3SUM problem, Muhamed Retkoceri


Using congruence in encoding musical partituras, Besim Shala, Besiana Mehmedi, Shkodran Tolaj, and Azir Jusufi


IT, E-Commerce, Individual and Team Learning Environment, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi

Works from 2013


Data Integrity Check using Hash Functions in Cloud environment, Selman Haxhijaha, Gazmend Bajrami, and Fisnik Prekazi


Modeling a Interworking WiMax LAN and MANET using OPNET Software, Petrit Shala and Luan Gashi


Project Scheduling and role of IT, Besnik Skenderi and Diamanta Skenderi


Estimation and Improvements of the Fundamental QoS in Networks with Random Topologies, Zhilbert Tafa