Faculty of Media and Communication is an educational institution which interweaves the theoretical concepts and ideas with the practical ones. The mission of this faculty is to provide students with theoretical aspects related to social and political perspectives; about the individual and theoretical professional experiences, to provide news and raise awareness.

The faculty of Media and Communication organizes on annual basis the International Scientific Conference, where the researchers (professors, master students present their scientific papers. Beside that UBT organizes a common Conference that is oriented towards issues which are related to freedom of speech.


Works from 2023

The Journalistic I when reporters became target of political hostilities: the case of 2023 protests in Northern part of Kosovo, Gjylie Rexha

Language of News: Narration and Foreign Language Expressions in Online Media in the Albanian Language in Kosovo, Ferid Selimi

Ukraine - Russia, a "forgotten" war in the media of the Western Balkans, Safet Zejnullahu

The position of Albanians in Serbia in the field of media, Ilir Zylfiu

Works from 2021

Pandemic election campaign in Kosovo, Shkodran Gajraku

Freedom of speech - Social media, Dafina Lata

A minority channel within a public broadcaster: The case of RTK2, Gjylie Rexha


Independence and credibility of the media - with special emphasis on the Kosovo media, Ferid Selimi


Media and war: Vietnam and Afghanistan, Safet Zejnullahu

The role of newspapers in raising the political and national consciousness of Albanians in the last phase of the Albanian National Revival, Ilir Zylfiu

Works from 2020

How is media treating the authoritarian-poltroon phenomena in Kosovo?, Belul Beqaj and Adea Beqaj

Modern slavery of people through state institutions in our living space and the role of the media in (not) disclosing this phenomenon, Xhyla Çeliku and Arbër Çeliku

Gender representation in electronic media in Kosova, Jehona Kapllani Ilazi

Public relations and technology, Edona Jerliu

Information in the pandemic time Monitoring of main news on RTK, KTV, RTV21, Television T7 and Klan Kosova, Dafina Lata

Protection of Children and Minors in Audio-Visual Media Services in Kosovo, Adnan Merovci

Public and Private Media in Kosovo, challenges, legal basis, Adnan Merovci


Photography and media - ethical issues, Anisa Rada


New media and gender inequality during political campaigns in Kosovo, Gjylie Rexha


Reporting in the age of pandemics: (the case of COVID-19), ethics, techniques, challenges and recommendations, Musa Sabedini

Efficiency, effectiveness and effect of convergency in Albanian media of Kosovo, Ferid Selimi

Directing the news in online media, Safet Zejnullahu


Media as challenger of state genocide, Safet Zejnullahu and Velibor Covic

The importance of illegal press in Kosovo towards the political awareness of Albanians during the years 1945- 1997, Ilir Zylfiu and Liburn Mustafa

Works from 2019

The Law on Access to Public Documents and its non-implementation in practice by public institutions in Kosovo, Muhamet Hajrullahu

The effects and consequences of ethical violations of the media during 2019, Fatbardhë Kiqina


Information online, Dafina Lata

Communication and public services of the Government of Kosovo and online platforms, Fatime Lumi and Ferid Selimi

Protecting freedom of speech in Kosovo after the declaration of independence, Fatime Lumi and Artan Tahiri

Media Regulation and Self-Regulation in Kosovo, Adnan Merovci


Photography as a communication channel of mediawith the public, Anisa Rada


Radio in Kosovo: Missed Communication during its Transformation into a Multi-platform Media, Gjylie Rexha and Anisa Rada

The form and content of titles in Social Media in Kosovo and Albania, Ferid Selimi

Works from 2018

Effective promotion methods and their impact on enterprise performance, Rajan Arapi and Gonxhe Beqiri

Modern media challenge, the battle to be the first, Adea Beqaj

Advertising as A Tool of Achieving Textual Coherence, Arbër Çeliku

Facebook as a media in political communication and as a source of information on Kosovo's televisions, Pajtim Çuni

"Breaking the" boundaries "of private information", Bashkim Gjergji

The Law on Access to Public Documents and its non-implementation in practice by public institutions in Kosovo, Muhamet Hajrullahu

The psychological effects of fake news, Edona Jerliu

Media portals in Kosovo between the economic agenda and the principles of professional journalism, Jehona Kapllani-Ilazi

Black News' category in digital media during 2018 Case study: Reporting for Art Kurti and two officers of Kosovo Police, Fatbardhë Kiqina

Information from the main news editions in RTK, KTV, RTV21 and KLAN KOSOVA, Dafina Lata


Impact of technology and internet on the media market in Kosovo, in daily print newspapers and online newspapers, Fatime Lumi and Ferid Selimi

Digitalization in Kosovo - Media Plurality, Adnan Merovci

Privacy on social networks, with special emphasis on Kosovo, Anisa Rada

Policymaking in Kosovo as Communication through Monologues on the Facebook Network, Gjylije Rexha

Self-regulation of portals and adherence to ethics codes, Musa Sabedini


Electronic Media written in albanian a mean of appropriately informing the audience, respectively Media of Kosovo, Ferid Selimi

Propaganda/Fake news – years ’90 and today, Safet Zejnullahu

Works from 2017


The Impact of Television Debates in Persuasion, Kaltrina Ajeti

Reflection on Ideology Confusion of Kosovo’s Political Parties in Media, Belul Beqaj

Media Responsibility and Influenza in Kosova Society, Ariana Bytyqi-Fazilu

The Communication With Public of Party’s Leadership Through the Social Media, Shkodran Gajraku, Vjollca Sheqiri, and Afet Bela

Fake News, Adnan Merovci


Insulting and Denigrating Language in Media, Anisa Rada


New Media in Kosovo – The Subliminal Megaphone of Deliberate Political Messages, Gjylije Rexha

Social Media, their Platform, Respectively the Users, Ethics, Advantages and Disadvantages, Musa Sabedini


The Youth, Their Viewership and Trustworthiness Towards Kosovo’s Televisions, Ferid Selimi

Kosovo Nation Branding: Limitations and Possibilities, Bashmir Xhemaj


Ideal Model of Online Journalism, not Followed in Kosovo and Region, Safet Zejnullahu

Works from 2016


Investigative Journalism and its Influence in the Framework of Social and Institutional of Kosova, Ganimet Klaiqi


The Autonomy of News Journalists of Kosovo’s Public Service Broadcaster between Political Instrumentalization and Social Responsibility, Givlie Rexha


Online journalism, ethics and challenges, Musa Sabedini


Albanian’s audio-visual information in Kosovo from the year 1945-1990, Ferid Selimi


Newspapers and Internet, Safet Zejnullahu

Works from 2015


Law as an Instrument for Political Influence over Kosovo’s Public Broadcaster, Gjylije Rexha


Broadcasting activity, programming policy, professional and ethical standards of RTK. 97, Ferid Selimi

Works from 2014


Citizenship and ethnic relations in Kosovo, Bekim Baliqi


The role of media in political communication: the case of Kosovo, Gjylije Rexha


Journalism Ethics and Law, Musa Sabedini


The impact of the content of the television programming upon the politicization of the Kosovo society, Resul Sinani